Join us for a 45-minute explanation of BESTologyTM. At REALiving, we believe in five tenets that are sure to leave you thinking about what your BEST looks like now and what you want it to look like in the future. Explore BESTologyTM in this popular, interactive, motivational group presentation.

"Getting REAL with Your Goals" 
We all feel overwhelmed at times because of the promises we make to ourselves. This presentation will shed some perspective on how getting REAL with your goals can become a way to find joy. You will learn how goal setting is actually a form of maintaining integrity and can help you identify what you want most. You will prioritize what brings you joy.

"HR Variety Pack" 
As the "Champion of People," you want to help your employees be their BEST! In this presentation, everyone will walk away with a variety pack of tools to help engage employees, to build on their strengths, to learn the power of positive feedback, and to help you, the "Champion of People," be your BEST so you can help your employees be their BEST.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" 
Given all that you have to do, how do you handle all the things coming at you? And how do you grow and evolve–excel–as a person? Boost your self-confidence in order to continue the balance of work and life through the rock, paper, scissors presentation.

"Handling Difficult Conversations Like a Champion" 
For communication to be effective, needs must be met for both communicators. Believe it or not, everyone communicating has needs. Take some time to learn about using effective strategies to ensure you're meeting the needs of the people you're communicating with, ESPECIALLY during a difficult conversation. This one-hour course will help you understand that communicating effectively will lead to improved performance for everyone involved.

"Blue Ribbon Customer Service" 
What does it take to provide great customer service? Who are your customers? Is your job the right fit for you? Are you a BRS or a BM? Learn what these acronyms mean and ponder other mind-blowing questions during this two-hour presentation on how to provide the BEST customer service.

“Turn Down For What?” 
Entertain your management team with this 75-minute presentation on managers’ role in engaging their employees and offering EAP services as a tool. A presentation about being ENGAGED in what you do, this is for managers/leaders who are required to offer EAP services as a part of their role. Leaders will come away knowing what to say when bringing up EAP services, as well as how to help leaders engage the front-line staff. This workshop will encourage managers to really get to know their company philosophy, to utilize the resources offered through REALiving’s EAP, and to verbalize to their employees what resources are available.

"Generational Leadership" 
For the first time, managers and business leaders are dealing with learning how to manage four generations in the workplace. Once employees understand the characteristics of generations, working together becomes easy. This inspiring one-hour workshop details the four generations and offers BEST practices for encouraging an efficient, peaceful work environment, where each generation can shine.

"Boost Yourself" 

It’s easy to give a high-five, pat on the back, or a “Way to go!” to others. But how often are you doing the same for yourself? For some, it’s not so easy to do. With “Boost Yourself,” we’ll go over the basics of self-care and self-management, as well as the importance of joy, so that you can continue cheering on others without taking from your own reserves.



"Verbal Judo" 
This presentation is inspired by the best-selling book "Verbal Judo, The Gentle Art of Persuasion," by George J. Thompson, Ph.D., and Jerry B. Jenkins, who teach us how to “motivate a disagreeable person to voluntary compliance” using our spoken words. Spend an hour learning this art, with a positive, engaging spin on getting what you want using words effectively. This workshop leaves you with concrete tools for enhancing any conversation, helping communicators get their BEST results.

"Being a BEST-ie - How to be Your BEST Colleague in the Workplace” 
Here’s the thing about going to work every day. You work with other PEOPLE every day. To be your BEST personally and professionally, you also have to be a BEST-ie―your very BEST as a colleague. That seems like common sense, right? But we all know getting along with your coworkers has everything to do with your BEST, and sometimes it’s anything but easy. This presentation will help you create a plan for being a BEST-ie, including consideration of communication strategies, intrapersonal skills, and conflict-resolution tips.

"BEST-ie 2.0"
(This presentation is a continuation of "Being a Best-ie") 
Are you still a full-fledged BEST-ie? Learn if you still are and also find out even more tips to being a BEST-ie.

"Your Personal Brand - Your Real BEST You” 
What’s in a brand? When you think of an iconic brand and associated imagery, what comes to mind? Very likely, a strong, recognizable image of the associated company and products. What is your brand? What do you as a person and employee bring to mind? Dependability? Loyalty? Charisma? In this presentation, we apply the power of marketing and branding to creating an iconic image for your own BEST brand. This creative, hands-on, and introspective session will leave you thinking differently about exactly what your BEST looks like.

"Being Your BEST as a Couple” 
Have a conversation on how to be your BEST as a couple. You will hear a unique perspective, and ideas will be shared about communications and relationship building to help you be your BEST with your significant other. This is intended for couples; make a commitment to keep your relationship the BEST.

"Budgeting to be Your BEST” 
In living your BEST life, managing household income is a task of critical importance, and it is also one that can be very stressful. This presentation will focus on the specifics of building and managing a household budget.

"Dancing With Stress” 
Even in your BEST life, there will be stress. Believe it or not, stress can be GOOD! It doesn't always feel good, but the key to being your BEST is the ability to dance with stress! This workshop identifies both good and bad stress, as well as the symptoms that tell you stress is getting the best of you! Learn to manage stress and dance with it.

"Your BEST Meeting Facilitation Skills” 
Do you spend any time during your work day in meetings? Have you ever thought, "Seriously, another meeting?" Ineffective and inefficient meetings are a nemesis for everyone, participants and facilitators alike. Upgrade your meeting facilitation skills and help your meeting be BEST-tacular!

"Sheep to Wolves: Get your GRRRR on” 
What stands out as your BEST leadership qualities? To be the BEST leader of a group of employees, what can you learn from either a sheep or a wolf? This presentation examines your leadership skills and traits. We will identify traits and characteristics of both the sheep and the wolf and consider their applicability to leadership roles.

“Change Champions: Leading People Through Change”
Change is commonly misperceived as something that happens “once in while.” In reality, change continually happens. As a leader (and a person), once you accept and challenge yourself to thrive amidst a forever changing landscape, you find yourself living and achieving your BEST. This training uses a well-known movie as the inspiration to help you understand the importance of changing.

“Leading in a Crisis” 
With economic and social crisis surrounding us, this session is popular for consideration of how to lead in difficult times. This session focuses both on how to lead others in crisis, as well as how to self-care as leaders in crisis.

"Time and Organizational Potluck” 
This “potluck” contains a feast of time and organizational tips to whet everyone’s appetite. At this session, no one will leave hungry, and everyone will walk away with at least one idea of something to do differently in order to be more successful at managing work, instead of having it manage YOU!

"The Confidence To Achieve"
This session focuses on having the confidence to achieve success in life. Principles of self-concept are examined, as well as our belief systems and how they can improve or challenge a person's ability to achieve success. Using motivational video clips, this 60-minute session will encourage you to be your own champion. Join REALiving to gain the perspective on advocating for yourself.

"The Speed of Light"
This session focuses on the “speed” of work and the analogy of comparing a professional's self-care to that of a NASCAR driver. Working at the speed of light can make a person and an agency successful, but recognizing the view from where you sit, embracing adversity, and regular development and maintenance are crucial to success. This 45-minute workshop will help you explore the building of your racecar and will share important tips to keep it and your pit crew balanced along the way.

"How to be Positive in a Sometimes Not Very Positive World” 
Let's face it, our world and our world of work are sometimes not very positive places. When times are challenging, work can be a hot mess of not-so-positive things. Create a plan for navigating our "not-so-positive world" and end up in a place you can happily call your BEST.

"How to Live Worry-free in a Worrisome World” 
This presentation helps participants learn strategies for managing anxiety and worry in their lives, and learn to live above the worry, rather than be managed by it. This popular presentation includes specific, hands-on strategies for identification of worries and tips for reframing worry.

“With a Rock You Can…”
…do a lot of things! Good things, bad things, individual things, collective things. This creative session uses a rock as the inspiration for creative ways to help participants achieve their BEST.

“Two Percent Performers” 
This presentation focuses on the development of high-performing leaders. It reviews the skills, traits, and abilities of the top two percent of performers and incorporates strategies and motivational content to assist people in making themselves a super achiever.

“Anticipating Success - With Butterflies” 
This presentation identifies the feelings – both positive and negative - that a person experiences in striving to achieve success. Some of the feelings experienced feel like danger or stress, but in reality contain a message of encouragement and readiness. Participants will take away a message and vision of success brought to them by a beautiful friend in nature - butterflies.

“Diagnosis: SUCCESS” 
This session uses the analogy of a DSM diagnosis and applies it to being successful. It helps participants identify the not-so-positive symptoms of being successful (i.e., worry and anxiety) and helps them manage it. The session also helps people identify and build symptoms of success to help create a leader who has the “it” factor.

“Be a Difference Maker” 
This motivational speech uses profiles of anonymous individuals with a variety of disabilities, and profiles the powerful and inspirational ways in which care professionals can be “difference makers.”

“The Ultimate Athlete - A Leader” 
This presentation is based on a number of books that compare leadership to a high-performing sport, like climbing a mountain or running a marathon. This sessions helps leaders realize the intensity of leadership and encourages preparation by getting in shape for being a leader, as well as ongoing conditioning to help manage the elements.

This motivational speech helps participants identify and embrace often hard-to-see hooray moments when working in human services. Participants will learn to identify hooray moments, even when they aren’t as obvious. A message of celebration and acceptance helps participants to both celebrate when opportunities present, and to keep their eyes and ears open for hooray moments - even when times are tough. Hooray moments sneak up on you in this field and keep you coming back for more.

“Lessons Learned from Ben” 
This session tells a story of family and shares the experience of Holly Hakes (speaker) as she cared for her siblings after the death of her mother, when Holly was 20 years old. It shares the lessons learned from her brother, Ben, and applies those to everyday life, including business, leadership, and relationships.

"Bigger, Better, Richer"

We’ve all heard of fools’ gold, generally used to describe an illusion of riches that turns out to be worthless. When it comes to consuming and keeping up with the Joneses, the next great “thing” you acquire may not bring you any happiness at all. It’s all about perspective. “Bigger, Better, Richer” asks you to shift from being, doing, or having more to focusing on all dimensions of your wellness. Keeping your wellness wheel balanced will help you live a life of quality, not quantity.

"Your Energy Story"

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? REALiving asks you to do one thing different—shift your focus instead to how you can increase your energy to manage the number of hours you have in a day! YOU are in charge of your energy! Empower yourself with some self-care, tune in to positivity, and soon you’ll be back on track to serenity.

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