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Employee Achievement Program® (EAP)

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We know that our work and personal lives influence each other. Sometimes the stress at work affects our families and sometimes the challenges our families face impact our performance at work. LIFE HAPPENS.

Today’s world is very fast-paced. As we are all faced with the daunting task of doing more with less, it is increasingly difficult and more challenging to achieve and maintain a work/life balance and meet the demands in both our personal and professional lives.

We are all different, yet no one is immune to bumps in the road. They are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if you need to drive around the bump, slow down and stop, or drive right over the top of it!

We believe you are a person trying to be your BEST, and it is our job to help you achieve that. Our national Employee Achievement Program® supports are REAL. They are practical. We will help you make a plan to maneuver through life’s challenges and whatever unexpected bumps you may encounter along the way quickly so you can return to being your BEST, both personally and professionally.


Employees who are equipped with tools to manage any issue (bumps) that may arise in life are employees who will have the best attendance, attention, and productivity on the job.

EAP programs are designed to provide employees with those tools, yet the industry standard for utilization of EAP counseling services is only 3-5%. We offer products and services that are of interest and accessible to everyone.

We offer two different types of Employee Achievement Program® Services that are strength-based, solution-focused, and of interest to everyone.

Ancillary Services include wellness-focused materials, such as newsletters, posters, presentations, magazines, informational e-blasts, wellness campaigns, website material, and brochures, which are provided and available to all employees.

Direct Services include access to a counselor for face-to-face or telephonic services, coaching, legal and financial consultation, management consultations, and group services, including crisis support services. 

Because we run a 24-hour business, we recognize the importance of 24-hour access to Employee Achievement Program® supports. To that effect. our 24/7 Call Center serves a critical purpose to all Employee Achievement Program® customers. LIFE happens 24 hours a day, so we are available 24 hours a day to assist.

Our Employee Achievement Program® (EAP) can help you protect your most valuable asset–your people. The following services are available in cost-effective packages or a la carte.

  • 24/7 EAP Call Center with access to all program resources–all day, every day.

  • Coaching sessions for employee with certified coaches for professional situations.

  • Counseling sessions for employee and their immediate family members with professional counselors.

  • Access to financial consultants for help with personal money management issues.

  • Access to licensed attorneys for consultation regarding family law concerns.

  • Health & wellness newsletters and challenges.

  • EAP login website with information and tools on a variety of topics, including audio training series.

  • Customized on-site trainings.

  • REALiving Magazine for all employees.

  • Professional newsletters for those who supervise/manage others to be their BEST.

  • Brochure library of a variety of topics for those who prefer printed materials to the internet.

  • Crisis support services when needed.

Our Employee Achievement Program® will help you be your BEST! We are like NO other. Call TODAY to find out what makes us SO different!

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