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All of our services focus on helping you be your BEST. Our training products, inspirational and motivational speakers, coaches, Employee Achievement Program® (EAP) services, wellness packages, and publications are all designed to help you and your company.

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REALiving Magazine

Our REALiving Magazine is a quarterly publication that features articles and advertisements meant to inspire people to be REAL. The most authentic version of ourselves is our REAL and BEST self. Where else can you find that? Where is the literature customized to YOU that is meant to be used BY you to make yourself a BETTER you? You’ll see it in the REALiving Magazine.

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Our Philosophy

REALiving was built upon the key principle of authenticity. We believe that being authentic and “REAL” allows people to develop meaningful relationships and create fulfilling lives. REALiving is about being “REAL.” It’s about being true to yourself and others. Most importantly though, it’s about being your BEST self! 

Our mission and passion is to help you be your BEST®.  We do this through BESTology®  which provides coaching, mentoring and training in a variety of fields, such as personal and professional coaching development,
self-improvement, strategic thinking, business strategy, and more. 


Our BESTology®  services are offered in conjunction with our Be Your BEST® programming where you can experience the best of personal and professional development and training, including our Employee Achievement Program® (EAP), wellness packages, motivational events and programs, seminars and conferences, and vast array of personal and business publications.


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